Two Powerful Ways to Support the Cause this Christmas!

If you enjoy making an impact through charitable giving, would like to reduce your taxes, and have IRA assets and/or appreciated

investments, here are a few tax strategies you need to know about before we wrap up 2013.

Qualified Charitable Distributions:

research papers . Life is Strange Download Did you know that if you’re over age 70 ½, you can choose to give up to $100,000 from your IRA account directly to New Horizon Ranch, up until December 31st, 2013? You won’t receive a tax deduction for the gift,  but you will enjoy a benefit that may be much better than a tax

deduction. The gift will satisfy a portion, if    not all, of your Required Minimum Distribution for the year. It will also be excluded from your

taxable  income, which in addition  to lowering your tax liability, may also allow you to have a lesser percentage of  your Social Security

subject to income tax, as well as possibly help to keep your Medicare Part B premiums  lower. 

Donating Appreciated Securities (stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s):

If you have securities in a taxable brokerage account that have appreciated in value, you may save a  significant amount in taxes by

donating some of those shares. When you donate the appreciated securities    to the New  Horizon Ranch Ministry Fund, not only do you

receive a tax deduction for the fair-market value    of the gift, but you also avoid all of the capital gains tax that you would have been

subject to had you sold  the securities. Keep in mind that you must itemize your deductions in order for this strategy to positively effect

your tax situation.

If you have any questions about these powerful strategies, feel free to call our Treasurer, Matt Syverson, at 913-317-6000 or email him


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